Kovachevitsa and the surroundings


THE SHINDAROV'S ART HOUSE in Kovachevitsa and SIELA Publishing House

Are inviting you to a stunning journey through the nature, history and culture of Bulgaria with photos from the luxury album - "The Bulgarian Treasure".

The opening of the exhibition is in the center of the village in Shindarov's art house, on August 2 from 17:30.

You are invited to have a glass of wine and meet the authors of the book Rumyana Nikolova and Nikolay Genov, on the opening day. In Shindarov's art house you will also be able to buy the album - a luxury edition in Bulgarian and English, which has collected in its 450 pages over 1000 photographs of interesting and little known natural and historical monuments.

The two recent exhibitions by the authors in Brazil and the large print run of their 17 travel books around Bulgaria and around the world, prove that their projects are successful.


In the summer of 2016 while traveling in the Rhodope mountains with my husband Georgy Valtchev, our kids and friends from Plovdiv, we found ourselves in the magical village of Kovachevitsa. I’ve been wanting to start my own festival in Bulgaria for years, because I love going back to my country every summer, but up to that moment I hadn’t come across a suitable location: beautiful, authentic, preserved and at the same time capable to accommodate guests and visitors. The place would also need to have a good concert space.

When I shared this dream of mine with a friend in New York, Victor Penev, he suggested that we take a look at the community center at the village of Kovachevitsa. As soon as we walked in the salon, we felt that the place is ideal: bright, welcoming, with good acoustics, surrounded by mountains, fresh air and wonderful people. The region is full of picturesque and unforgettable villages: each with its own specific atmosphere, customs and traditions: Dryanovo, Leshten, Dolen, Garmen, Ognianovo, Gotze Delchev … for years, this region has been attracting Bulgarian writers, poets and intellectuals who are inspired and interested in preserving the unique nature and customs of the place.

Just like them, we were inspired and decided to launch our three day classical chamber music festival in the summer of 2018 with colleagues from the United States and Bulgaria. The name of the festival "OFF THE BEATEN PATH" was the idea of Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova. We called it so, because the path to making this idea a reality is long and with many unknowns. But with enthusiasm and the support of many friends and partners, we are on our way.

Come with us!
- Lora Tchekoratova

The villages Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Garmen have many interesting and romantic guest houses (bed and breakfast). Many of them offer unforgettable experiences, exquisite local cuisine and information about hiking in the area. Many of the hotels in nearby Ognyanovo offer mineral water spas.

For accommodation, please contact the guest houses and hotels directly or find them here (booking.com)

The festival guests will get a discount in the houses below, but we advise you to reserve your room early by contacting the owners directly




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