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"Off the Beaten Path" - five years of journey to people's hearts 07-10-2023 ... The "Off the Beaten Path" festival is made with love, imagination, vision... 07-10-2023 ... Dobrinka Tabakova – the modern classical composer 03-10-2023 ... The Deputy Minister of Culture Viktor Stoyanov was a guest at the special event of the OFF THE BEATEN PATH festival in Plovdiv 10-08-2023 ... "Off the Beaten Path": The classical music festival in Kovachevitsa has started 05-08-2023 ... The fifth edition of the chamber music festival "Off the Beaten Path" has started in Gotse Delchev 03-08-2023 ... The great opera singer Mariana Karpatova: The important thing is to be inspirers of goodness 03-08-2023 ... "Off the Beaten Path" festival begins 01-08-2023 ... Music brings people together, creating friendships and opportunities, said pianist Lora Chekoratova in an interview for BTA 22-07-2023 ... The actions of the Clean&Green Gotse Delchev group to clean various corners near the town of Gotse Delchev continue 19-07-2023 ... In Gotse Delchev with love and care for nature 19-07-2023 ... The Off the Beaten Path leads musicians to Kovachevitsa and Plovdiv 30-06-2023 ... Pianist Lora Chekoratova, who breaks new paths with classical music 28-06-2023 ... The world premiere of a new chamber work by Dobrinka Tabakova will be at the "Off the Beaten Path" festival 09-06-2023 ... The Off the Beaten Path that leads to Kovachevitsa 27-04-2023  ... The "Off the Beaten Path" festival weaves together music, nature and cultural traditions 03-08-2022  ... Famous artists from all over the world come to Kovachevitsa for the Chamber Music Festival 28-07-2022  ... The "Off the Beaten Path" festival gathers classical musicians from all over the world in Kovachevitsa 12-07-2022  ... The Chamber Music Festival "Off the Beaten Path" in ANFAS 09-07-2022 ... The "Off the Beaten Path" festival gathers classical musicians from all over the world in Kovachevitsa 07-07-2022 ... Who are the guests in the fourth edition of "Off the Beaten Path: Chamber Music in Kovachevitsa"? 04-07-2022 ... "Off the Beaten Path" in Kovachevitsa: Immerse yourself in the magic of classical chamber music 01-07-2022 ... Pianist Lora Chekoratova: The "Off the Beaten Path" festival in Kovachevitsa is a return for all of us to Bulgaria 31-07-2021 ... The third edition of "Off The Beaten Path" - the chamber music festival in Kovachevitsa 02-07-2021 ... The campaign "Donate a chair" - in aid of a chamber music festival in the village of Kovachevitsa 10-02-2020 ... With the composer Dobrinka Tabakova "on a bench, under the shade" in the village of Kovachevitsa 11-08-2019  ... - Lora Chekoratova - ambassador of music from "Carnegie Hall" to the village of Kovachevitsa 23-07-2019 ... Slaveykov Square - "Dance on cobblestones" by Dobrinka Tabakova in Kovachevitsa 17-06-2019  ... One World DREAMING OF CHAMBER MUSIC IN THE RODOPE MOUNTAINS 18-07-2018  ... "Off the Beaten Path" leads chamber musicians and music lovers to Kovachevitsa 13-07-2018  ...
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