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About us

The mission of the Off the Beaten Path Foundation is to support and encourage love of classical chamber music, to inspire philanthropy and volunteerism, and to organize a range of programs and initiatives, which include public performances, educational and community projects, and multidisciplinary artistic collaborations.

The Foundation's primary goal is to develop and expand its summer chamber music festival in the village of Kovachevitsa and the town of Gotse Delchev, as well as to ensure that world renowned classical musicians from Bulgaria and abroad have a forum for creativity and connection with Bulgarian audiences in a place where classical music is rarely performed.

Alongside this, the Foundation has a number of additional activities and initiatives in the region. These include a donor society established to raise funds for the renovation and maintenance of our main venue – the Svetlina Community Center in Kovachevitsa, as well as a program for new chamber music works by Bulgarian composers and a children’s educational program under the collective title "The Path Is Yours".

In 2022, the Foundation started contributing a portion of the ticket sales from all festival events to the organization – to help reforest Bulgaria.

Our aim is to establish a community of like-minded followers who wish to support other causes related to nature, culture, and the arts.

The Off the Beaten Path Foundation was founded by pianist Lora Tchekoratova in 2017, in Sofia.

Honorary board and artistic board


Georgi Gospodinov, writer

Elena Karpatova, business woman

Elenka Chekoratova, co-chair, Off the Beaten Path Foundation

Manol Peykov, publisher and translator

Victor Penev, businessman

Houben Tcherkelov, artist

Carol Wincenc, flutist

Yana Deliradeva, choral conductor

Yosuke Kawasaki, violinist

Dobrinka Tabakova, composer, mentor


Lora Tchekoratova, chair, Off the Beaten Path Foundation

Georgy Valtchev, violinist, artistic director

Nikola Takov, violinist, artistic director

Mariana Karpatova, educational programs manager


Stela Stoykova / Damyan Stefanov, videographers

Borislav Zhuykov, photographer

Lyudmil Stoynev, audio engineer

Theodora Hadjiyska / Gergana Prokopieva, web design

Yuli and Silviya Avramovi, graphic design

Mariana Todorova, PR and event manager

Boris Deliradev, translation and editing

Zlatin Georgiev, tuner

Elena Cherpokova, accountant

Tsveta Bosheva, attorney

Ivan Valtchev, Mina Valtcheva, Alexander Krunev, Christian Petrov and Antoaneta Tosheva, volunteers

Off the Beaten Path Foundation

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Media requests: Mariana Todorova, PR Manager

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